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Ecole agricole Groupe ESA

Life at ESA Group & in Angers

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Club Fromage: Learn about and enjoy French cheeses
Club Oeno: Learn about and enjoy wine and oenology
L'Esabeilles: Discover beekeeping
Le Potager Rare: Discover the diversity of garden vegetables


This unique club was started by students and teachers to educate students about the diversity of French cheeses. Throughout the year, it offers several tasting sessions, where you can enjoy and learn about a specific region’s cheeses in a friendly atmosphere!

Treat your taste buds to a tour of France and discover a world of new cheeses!




If you want to discover the world of wine, learn how to taste and describe it, or just have fun, the OENO club is here for you!

Whether you're a wine novice or an expert, every Wednesday evening you can taste wines that reflect the best of French, European and worldwide vineyards. Oeno Club organizes trips to local vineyards, where you will discover the art of the vintner. The highlight of the season: a weekend in a French wine-growing region!




If you wish to discover the mysterious world of bees, the ESAbeilles club is for you! The disappearance of pollinating insects would be an ecological disaster that threatens agriculture and much of our food resources.

ESAbeilles manages hives in partnership with students from Agrocampus Ouest INH. Club activities include harvesting, hive maintenance, winterizing and monitoring, as well as making candles, mead and gingerbread. Members visit the hives either on Thursday afternoons or Saturdays depending on the weather. For true enthusiasts, free beekeeping courses are given at the Beekeeping School of Anjou (lycée du Fresnes) two Saturdays per month from April to September.

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In "Le Potager Rare" club, you will discover the diversity of garden vegetables through practice. We grow rare and uncommon fruits and vegetables in the ESA garden using organic farming techniques. The garden is also a fun place to hang out. Everyone is welcome to come garden, relax, daydream, chat and suggest ideas!

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