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Ales from Slovenia

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Ales from Ljubljana ‘Slovenia’ EU ‘Socrates’ Exchange

I am a regular student of food technology at Ljubljana University and I have chosen to spend a year at ESA, Angers. An indisputable plus of this institution is that all its French students have had one or more foreign experiences. Thus they are naturally moved towards the incoming student from elsewhere, to discover his culture, and to help him/her out on the campus and in everyday life.

Coming to France my objective was to improve my knowledge of vine growing and wine making in order to start my career in an international company before later taking over the family business. My ultimate goal is developing the export of vine plants throughout the world.

It was the international department at ESA which found me a flat last September (before my arrival) which I share with 2 Brazilians, a Czech, and a Pole. ‘Interculturale oblige…’ We have no time to be bored !

I began the year with the ‘séquence d’adaptation’ FLE ‘Français Langue Etrangère’, designed for foreign students on a study semester, or those starting a regular ESA diploma. This fortnight long module enables us to brush up our French, discover some aspects of French culture, and understand the ESA organization (timetables, lectures, group work, written & oral exams, marking system). Some professional and touristic visits are included in the programme.

Then I followed the fourth year Oenology option. Of the 16 students nine of us were foreigners (4 Brazilians, a Chilian, a Spaniard, a Hungarian, a Czech, and me). We made up a great team and helped each other out with our interactive style: case studies of big wine firms, cellar visits, lectures from people professionally involved. Then I followed a fifth year module entitled ‘Filières Viticoles Européennes’, where I learnt much more, especially about marketing. We also profited from the presence of foreign visiting lecturers. At the same time I took and passed the TFI ‘Test de Français International’.

I hope to be admitted to the MSc Vintage so as to able to lead an international career. Slovenia is a small country and the people are conscious that alone they cannot develop their economy. We almost all said ‘Yes’ to the European Constitution in the 2005 referendum.

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