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French 1
An introduction to French language (basic vocabulary, syntax, and grammar) for beginners.

French 2
A course designed for students that have already taken French (1 or 2 years) (Vocabulary, conversation, advanced syntax and grammar).

French 3
Advanced French for students that have had at least 3 years of French (Advanced conversation, civilization, syntax and grammar).

French Civilization
An introduction to the basic elements of French society (Education, religion, politics, Media, etc…).

Geography of Europe
An introduction to the general geography of EU countries, Eastern countries and Russia.

European Union and Treaty of Rome
An introduction to the historical, political and economic elements of the European Union.

European Parliament and Bank
An introduction to the political and financial aspects of the EU Parliament.

Viticulture - Economy
An introduction to the place of viticulture in the French agriculture economy with the emphasis of the Loire valley P.D.O. wine production.

A general course on the entire process from "Grape to glass".

Wine Tasting
An introduction to wine tasting techniques.

French Food Habits
An introduction and sociological approach to how the French eat and consume (tradition and culture).

French History
History of France from Louis XIV to Modern France.

Choosing a Market; Taking Risks on Export
An introduction to risks, stakes, yield in matters of foreign trade.

Ag-Business and Eastern Countries
An introduction to the economic impact of Western Ag-business in Eastern European countries.

A Survey of French Horticulture
Basic elements of French Horticulture (organization, Hort-economics, marketing, etc…).

The EU and the EURO
History and impact of the EURO, the common currency of the EU.

Ag-Business companies in France
Manufacturing and distribution, economic importance, consumer trends.

Animal production in France
An introduction to the various animal breeds produced in France with an economic and statistical evaluation.

Plant production in France
An introduction to various types of plants produced in France with economic and statistical evaluation.

Food quality
Labeling and disease control.

Rural tourism
Farm lodges in France.

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