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Des signes de soutien par-delà les frontières

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"Sadly for the second time within the space of a year, bloodshed has been brought to the streets of Paris.

Random death has come side by side with the murder of free thinking and joking. People enjoying their weekends were targets, black, white, foreign, French, no discrimination from those who preach violence and retribution.

We once more stand beside you in the defence of equality, brotherhood and liberty. We can resist- by living and continuing to thrive and collaborate for the future of our youth. By educating the young.

What we can do for you, we will.

I have written to our French students in much the same vein as I write here, and asked them to continue their student and social lives in honour of those who died. No better testament than life carried forward.

Paris is about champagne, love and laughter, was a reaction in Charlie Hebdo to last Friday’s tragedy. It will remain so.

Our week begins with a minute of silence in the university at noon, and we will commemorate our dead all day in silent rooms at Dronten and Almere. We will hold meetings with our French students especially.

I hope and pray that no near and dear ones were lost among your students or staff, we have no reports from either our graduates or current students in France.

With you in good times and bad,"

For Vilentum University in Dronten and Almere,
Tim Menger


"Cher amis,
Je vous exprime toutes mes condoléances à propos des événements tragiques à Paris !
Je suis affligé avec vous par les nombreuses victimes de ces actes terroristes.
C’est terrible. Et cela ne doit pas rester impuni... "

Boris Kurchatov
Tcheliabinsk, Russie


"Our thoughts are with our French friends on this horrific day. I wish for peace and for you to have the strength to carry on. I cannot understand the motivation for this and how religion can be twisted."

Steve and Gill, Usask


"Dear friends,
I was shock to hear what happened last night in Paris, and I sincerely hope that you, your families and friends are ok. I can only imagine how this awful crimes were felt in France and I hope that'd recover soon.
My heart and thoughts are with you and France Hugs!"

Felipe, Utalca


"Dear colleagues in France,
Let me express my deepest sympathy to you and all French people. It's so terrible what happened in Paris on Friday night.
I have been in contact to all of your students here in Helsinki and offered them support, if they need any.
The International Exchange Services at the University of Helsinki has also been in contact to Finnish students in France and also to your students here in Helsinki. We will help them in all possible ways if needed.
You are in my thoughts.
Warm regards from Helsinki,"


Sari Mikkola
University of Helsinki, Finland


"Je vous envoie mes condoléances les plus sincères en ce moment de deuil.
Nous sommes troublés et attristés des attaques terroristes en France.
Nos pensées sont avec vous et votre pays en ce moment difficile.
Nous tenions à vous faire part de nos sincères condoléances.
Sincèrement, "

Hélène Tajine
Université Seyfullin


"Je présente mes plus sincères condoléances à toutes les victimes directes et indirectes des actes terroristes en France. Ces attentats haineux ont laissé dans le deuil non seulement les familles et les proches des victimes, mais aussi le peuple français et le monde entier. Sachez que le peuple kazakhstanais est tojours avec vous et nous prions pour votre pays en ces moments de souffrance.
Que la paix, la grâce et l’espérance remplissent vos cœurs malgré ces temps difficiles.

Seilbek ASSANOV, Kazakhstan

"Dear all,
Following yesterday's events happening in France, I am want to tell you how Kenya and its population shows his solidarity to France's people. We understand the painful moment you are going through especially after having undergone the same situations severally.
We wish the victims quick recovery. Best regards,"

Jame Ligare, Kenya 

"Dear friends,
I was shock to hear what happened last night in Paris, and I sincerely hope that you, your families and friends are ok. I can only imagine how this awful crimes were felt in France and I hope that'd recover soon.
My heart and thoughts are with you and France Hugs!"

Felipe, Chili

"We are so sorry to hear about all the terror that has been happening in Paris.
We are shocked and saddened for the people of France."

 Eileen, Ireland

"Estamos consternados y muy tristes por la tragedia en tu Pais. Hoy todos nos sentimos Franceses y les mandamos muchos abrazos y sentimientos positivos. Espero que nadie en tu familia o amistades hayan sido personalmente afectados."

Marco PALMA de Texas A&M, USA


"Dear Fiends,
I am still shocked by the news coming from Paris. You all know that I have special affection for France and its people and for this I am deeply moved by the madness of these despicable terrorist attacks. Please receive my condolences, solidarity and deepest thoughts during these difficult times.
Me and my family well have you and your country on our prayers. Cariñosos saludos"

Yerko, Universidad de Talca, CHILE


"Dear French Colleagues, Dear French Friends,
We were deeply shocked by the news on the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday. It was definitely a terrible day not only for your nation, but also for the global humanity.
We would like to express our compassion for your country and the families of the victims and those who were injured during the attacks.
Our thoughts are with you at this time!
With deepest sympathy,"

Dr. Tarr Zsuzsanna, Campus Hungary Institutional


"Manifiesto por este medio la profunda consternación que sentimos ante los trágicos hechos sucedidos el viernes último."

Valeria Caramuti, Argentina


"Cúanto siento, que dolor tan grande y  angustia de estos momentos que les toca vivir. 
Quiero que sepas que contás conmigo para lo que te sea necesario. 
Te envío un abrazo a ti, tu familia y tus compañeros, con cariño"


Gabriela, Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias-UCA


"Desde Argentina quiero enviarte mis condolencias por lo que esta aconteciendo en Paris. Desde aqui las noticias causan mucha tristeza e impotencia al ver el desparpajo con el cual actuan estos asesinos. No hay mucho para decir en estos momentos. Sólo enviarte un fuerte abrazo y mucha fuerza y entereza."
Paola, Argentina

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