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The doctoral degree, or PhD, is the highest university degree. It takes an additional three years to obtain. Students earn a doctorate through a joint program offered in a university graduate school and the research laboratory of a university, Grande Ecole or research institution. The degree provides "education through research, for research and innovation" and "professional research experience."

Organization of studies
Research work occupies most of the three-year program. Research is conducted in a laboratory accredited for its scientific quality and under the direction and supervision of an advisor, who is a researcher holding an Accreditation to Supervise Research. The program requires a written thesis with an oral defense. In addition to research, the curriculum includes complementary scientific, general and career orientation courses offered by the doctoral school.
The doctoral degree, validated by obtaining 180 ECTS credits, is awarded after the thesis defense.

To enroll in the doctoral program, you must have five-year higher education degree, a university master degree or diploma from a Grande Ecole. You must also have an approved thesis topic, a thesis advisor, a host laboratory and financing.

Career opportunities
A doctorate provides access to:
- Management positions in research and higher education (e.g. lecturer), in the public and private sector
- Management positions in corporate research and development.

Several types of financing are available:
- Convention Cifre (industrial agreements for research training: the company receives a business subsidy to hire a PhD student as part of a research partnership with a research unit).
- Research grant, awarded by the central or local government
Thesis scholarships for research projects (European, ANR, regional)
- You can supplement the research grants by working as a teaching assistant.

Doctoral education in the Pays de la Loire is provided by nine graduate schools. These schools bring together research teams around a common theme. ESA has close ties to the VENAM Graduate School (Plants, Environment, Nutrition, Agri-Food, Sea) for which the LEVA and GRAPPE Research Units are host laboratories.

For further information, contact:
Frédérique Jourjon, Director of Research

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