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Educational Events

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The educational events are exciting workshops and exchanges that punctuate the academic year. The main initiatives include an annual seminar and monthly educational workshops geared towards developing the expertise and teaching skills of our teachers.

Teaching Laboratories


The seminar focuses on a theme of interest to all ESA teachers, and features a guest speaker:

- In 2009: "Managing heterogeneity in the classroom", with the participation of A. Robertson (University of Ottawa, Canada) and S. Pires (Ecole des Mines de Nantes).

- In 2010: "Student evaluation of teachers", with the participation of M. Frenay (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium)

- In 2011: "The transition from secondary to higher education", with the participation of Mireille Houart (university education researcher at the Department of Education and Technology of the University of Namur, Belgium).

Educational Workshops

We set up the educational workshops to help teachers deal with real issues such as how to prevent plagiarism, manage a lecture hall or introduce new teaching tools.
These workshops are held every month on topics approved at the end of previous academic year. Any teachers who wish to can participate. Sometimes students and external speakers are invited to attend, to provide a different perspective and spark discussion.

The objectives of these workshops:
- Encourage discussion
- Allow teachers to learn from each other by sharing questions, practices and experiences
- Give teachers a chance to step outside of their busy routines and review their practices.

In 2010-2011, ten workshops were held:
- Participate in an international symposium on education
- Different student learning styles
- The questions new teachers have
- The role of lab classes in teaching
- The role of video in teaching
- How to run a class in a lecture hall
- New teaching tools
- How to get students actively involved in their own education
- How to prevent and detect plagiarism
- Cross-disciplinary teaching


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