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Values and commitments

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ESA's commitments: we live and embody our principles on daily basis

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From our historical heritage to our new buildings, as well as in the daily lives of students and staff, we embody our values throughout the school.

Developing human qualities
The Jesuit educational heritage (link to page "History") is still perfectly in keeping with today's educational needs. It is a blend of:
- Scientific training (knowledge and thinking)
- An ability to address real situations (practical experience)
- And a capacity for commitment.
This is achieved by developing, day after day, the human qualities of listening, respect, solidarity, innovation and teamwork. Because studies engage the individual as a whole, ESA wants to help each individual develop his or her talents to the fullest. We work to train men and women who will take initiatives and responsibilities, create wealth, jobs, relationships, promote solidarity, and who will be able to "feed the world with intelligence."
These human and social values are reflected in our training activities (link to the "field experience" and "Entrepreneurship"/Educational Advantages pages) as well as in the support and supervision provided by teachers (link to "Support / Educational Advantages page).

Professional and entrepreneurial dimension
We work on a daily basis to ensure that our students enter the job market with a certain amount of professional experience (internships, apprenticeships).
We want these future professionals to be "entrepreneurs", whether as employees or business owners. At ESA, they acquire real managerial qualities.
In addition, through our research (link), consultancy services, and study programs (link), ESA supports regional and national socioeconomic development.
International outlook
ESA is one of the leading international agricultural schools (link) in Europe:
- all students go abroad during their studies
- numerous international students on campus
- multinational study programs
- support for businesses expanding internationally
- international research projects.
This international outlook requires us to learn about foreign cultures, their institutions, their businesses and their peoples. It allows our students to challenge themselves, to get to know and respect different people and cultures and acquire the human qualities of open-mindedness, tolerance and self-reliance.
Commitment to sustainable agriculture and sustainable development
By combining agronomy and ecology, ESA actively promotes socially and environmentally responsible sustainable agriculture and "environmentally intensive" agriculture (link to the website of the AEI). We are committed to sustainability as one of today's major challenges, just as we were once committed to the modernization of agriculture and the creation of solidarity-based institutions. Our goal now is to ensure that all of humanity has sufficient food, while preserving our planet's resources. This commitment also emphasizes our role as a flagship and a bridge between agriculture and society.
On a daily basis, ESA works to promote sustainable development as a lifestyle:
- Environmental quality of our buildings: energy efficiency, rainwater recovery, 650 bicycle parking spaces compared to 250 spots for cars, etc.
- We have set up a commuter program, the 1st in Angers, to encourage students and staff to focus on alternative transportation methods, carpooling, etc.

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