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- Annie Sigwalt, MSc, Sociology, ESA
Responsible for ESA Summer Program

- Sébastien Couvreur, Phd, Animal Science, ESA

- Anne Aveline, Phd, Agronomy, Plant Science, ESA

- Sylvie Guegan, MA, French, ESA

- Sébastien Chene, French history, French & French Civilization

- Marie-Paule Morellini, French

- Florence Gamory, French Civilization

- Catherine Herault, French Food Habits

- Richard Waldron, MA, Geography, European Community, ESA

- Catherine Chatriot, MSc, Eonology, ESA

- Remi Roulleau, MSc, Horticulture, ESA

- José Péres de Lima, Ag-Economics & Marketing, ESA



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