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Frequently Asked Questions

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jg02.jpgQ. How do my parents call me from the United States ?
A. To make an international phone call from the US, you dial 011 for an international call, plus the country code 33 (France) plus your phone number in France, minus the first zero. Example: my number in France is
From the US you dial (notice no zero in front of the 2).

Q. Can I use a pre-paid phone card from the US, when in France?
A. No, you can purchase inexpensive cards in France.

Q. What should I pack ?
A. See the Do's and Don'ts section for more information on packing.
The weather is usually warm at this time of the year in Angers, but it can sometimes get rainy. Don't forget to bring shoes to be comfortable walking with during the numerous field trips. A bathing suit can be a good idea to be able to sea bathe in the Atlantic Ocean. Overall, remember to pack light, because you will probably want to take back presents to your family and friends. Contact your airline company to know what are the rules to observe packing your baggage.

Q. Will I be able to check my email ?
A. Yes. ESA has two computer labs on campus. Any student attending the program will
have access to a computer.

Q. Can I bring my cell phone from home? Will it work in Europe ?
A. No. Your cell phone will not work in France. If you are interested, you can purchase a cell phone for around $90 and then charge the phone with minutes from a mobi-carte (a pre-paid card).

Q. How much is a Euro worth compared to the US dollar ?
A. For up to the minute currency conversion information, check out the website :, but it's about $1 = 1,5 €.

Q. Once I am in Paris how do I get to Angers ?
A. From Paris / Roissy-Charles De Gaulle airport, there are 5 trains a day direct to Angers. From the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, you have to go to the Gare TGV : From baggage claim, follow the signs for the TGV. It is down two levels, in terminal two. If your plane landed in terminal one, you must take a shuttle to terminal two.
The direction is toward Nantes/Le Croisic. The stop is at Angers/Saint-Laud. The ride is about 90 minutes, and the ticket costs around 45 €. Once in Angers, someone from the program will be at the train station to greet you. When it is possible the family you are staying with will also be there to greet you.

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