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Health system & insurance

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The Health System and Sickness Insurance :
Residents in France have compulsory health insurance cover.

One has to choose one’s GP (general practitioner). Cost of consultations is fixed by the state : 21 € for a GP and 23-34 euros for a specialist. It is also possible to consult the doctors of the ‘Maison des Etudiants’ free of charge.

The state compulsory sickness insurance scheme for students enables you to be reimbursed for part of your health expenses (visits to doctor, medecines, hospital fees) to a limit varying between 35 and 80% of total expense, throughout your stay.

We recommend you to take out a complementary insurance policy (‘une mutuelle etudiante’) in order to have complete cover for any health risks ; it will reimburse the difference between the total health expenses and what is covered by the state compulsory insurance scheme. Such insurance cover will cost you between 5 and 38 euros per month, according to what risks you decide to insure against.

How does one take out a health insurance policy ?


You are studying at ESA within the terms of an exchange with your home university :

- If you are an EU citizen or from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, then all you need to do is bring your own health card with you
- If you are from elsewhere, then you should take out in your home country a health insurance which covers your needs in France if you are staying for less than three months. BUT if you are staying in France longer than three months then you are required to subscribe to the French ‘Assurance Maladie’, which will cost you 192 euros (price for 2007-2008 academic year).

You are studying at ESA for one of our own diplomas :

The procedure is the same whether you are European or not.
There are three possible situations:
- You are under 28 years of age : whatever your nationality, you must subscribe to the French social security system). Price : 192 euros for 2007-2008 academic year.
- You are over 28 years : you can ask to benefit from the CMU ('Couverture Maladie Universelle'), if your income is so low that you cannot afford to take out a private insurance.
- You have been awarded a grant (or scholarship) by the French government : then whatever your age, you have free access to the basic student sickness cover.

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