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Support for businesses in an international context

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International Marketing

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The ESA Group is famous for its international expertise, and each year we conduct market analysis on agricultural and agri-food products for numerous businesses

Here are a few examples of our work

  • We have conducted competitive analyses of wheat production in more than 30 countries.
  • Egypt: the fruit and vegetables sector and five-year growth prospects
  • France / Germany: market opportunities in charcuterie-type deli meats for Muslim consumers
  • France / Great Britain: The fresh carrot market: the latest market trends and opportunities. New products and innovation strategy.
  • What are the opportunities for powered dairy ingredients in the cheese sector in Europe?
  • Czech Republic: a market study on forage and maize seeds 
  • Algeria: Rayeb and L'ben fermented milk on the market: potential, input recommendations, implications for the company


ESA engineers in their last year of studies at your service

Your company can use the services of engineers in their last year of studies, to help you make strategic business decisions.
These services are available:

  • from September to December: engineers conduct studies ordered by companies or international economics institutes,
  • from January to June: the engineer completes a 6 to 8 month internship on a specific topic. The student's graduate theses will support you in your business and strategic decisions.


 Preliminary market research

We can provide you with a small group of students, supervised by our teaching staff, over a relatively short period, to work on: 

  • the value, structure and dynamics of a market
  • supply chain studies,
  • the competitive position of the company,
  • distribution methods for a product
  • the image of a product or company,
  • promoting a product or service,
  • consumer profile


Strategic Studies

We can mobilize an entire class divided into several groups over a longer period. You can select students to perform their final internships with you based on initial results.

Valued Clients

Here are some of the companies that work with us regularly:
  • Aosta (deli meats)
  • COVI (canning)
  • Bucher Vaslin (presses)
  • Brivain, Bongrain Group
  • Sofivo
  • Fromageries Perreault
  • Sodebo,
  • Jouffray Drillaud,
  • GRET
  • Sanders (Glon)
  • Vilmorin
  • Hoogsteder / The Greenery


International Department
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