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Mission-oriented research

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Mission-oriented research

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ESA Research creates scientific knowledge that guides agricultural and agri-food decision-making and helps agri-business work toward sustainable development.

Our scientific research is initiated by the questions
of our professional partners, identified by our
research professors:
  • How to design crop systems that are nitrogen self-sufficient?
  • Adaptability for livestock systems
  • How to describe the quality of food from local farms and sustainable food systems?
  • How to support the changes in local agriculture (companies and actors)?
  • What role for landscapes in the multifunctionality of agriculture?
The 5 main themes of research are directly related to the educational programs:
  • Design of innovative low-input cropping systems LEVA
  • Adaptability of cattle systems URSE
  • Landscape and biodiversity Paysage
  • Quality and typicality of foods GRAPPE
  • Economic, political and social dynamics of actors in agriculture LARESS

The researcher professors, PhD students, engineers and technicians provide real answers thanks to their system-wide and cross-functional analysis skills.
Everything is done to ensure reliable and comprehensive results:

  • Quality commitment: a quality assurance system ensures the excellence of the work.
  • National and international outlook: as a member of the UNAM, ESA is diversifying its research partnerships (INRA, Universities in France and Europe) as well as its professional partnerships (technical and technology transfer centers, agricultural and agri-food businesses) and its regional, national and European partnerships.
  • Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary: ESA has expertise in many disciplines in life science, materials science and social science, in its 5 Research Units.

Research allows us to develop our scientific potential to ensure the quality of our teaching and our services to our socio-economic partners.

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