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Mission-oriented research: enhancing our study programs and our international reputation

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5 Research Units, 1 Research Center, 100 people, including 45 faculty members, performing research on the design of sustainable agricultural systems. ESA Research creates scientific knowledge to promote sustainable development methods in farming and food processing. Through these scientific advances, we ensure the quality of our teaching and our services to businesses.

Research and education

Research provides students with rich learning situations and helps them acquire scientific rigor and curiosity, both in the Research Labs and when working in the field.
The students in Engineer  and Masters programs have the most direct dealings with the research units. By the end of their studies, the students have become fully independent and personally responsible.
Each year, the Research Units also host PhD students working on their theses.

Research and national and international outlook

Research allows ESA to be part of the global knowledge network, collaborating with universities around the world, and as a member of the UNAM (Center for Research and Higher Education - University of Nantes, Angers, Le Mans) we collaborate with leading research centers, in particular INRA

Research and business

ESA favors partnership-based and mission-oriented research, emphasizing design and action, in close collaboration with regional agricultural businesses.
The research center also performs studies and provides consulting services to help businesses and communities develop new products, techniques and innovative services to improve their environmental performance.

Six Main Research Themes:

- Design of innovative cropping systems with low inputs
- Adaptability of livestock systems
- Biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
- Quality and typicity of food
- Economic, political and social dynamics of actors in agriculture
- Environmental Assessment and Performance

Five Research Units and One Research Center

- The Research Unit on food products and processes for agribusiness and oenology: GRAPPE
- The Research Unit in plant ecophysiology and agroecology for crop production: LEVA
- The Landscape Research Unit, shared by ESA and Agrocampus Ouest, for biodiversity in relation to the land.
- The Social Science Research Unit for the organization of agriculture and territories LARESS
- The Research Unit on innovative livestock systems, for livestock production.
- A Research Center that works on environmental performance analysis.

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