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Educational advantages

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Established in 1898, the ESA School of Agriculture is an association under contract with the State. The educational leadership was entrusted to the Jesuits until the 1970s. To achieve excellence, scientific and technical expertise must always be enriched by a strong human dimension: respect, solidarity, tolerance and a taste for new experiences.

Experience-based learning

While ESA is of course mindful of the scientific and technical level of our graduates, it is their human qualities that make them stand out.
Our teaching is designed to train our students to develop their talents, interpersonal skills and creativity, and to encourage them to seek out responsibility and set ambitious goals.

We promote field experience through business internships, apprenticeships, tours, and involvement with our research teams working on studies commissioned by companies. Discover the Charter of the ESA Group here in french [PDF - 152 Ko]

lnternational Awareness

We encourage our students to expand their horizons:
- get to know and respect other people and other cultures
- acquire the human qualities of open-mindedness, tolerance and self-reliance
- develop an intercultural worldview.

Teachers from different backgrounds

ESA employs 100 French and international teachers (more than a third of whom are teacher-researchers) and some 500 professionals from the business community. Our diverse faculty helps us achieve our goal of connecting theoretical and practical learning.

Occupations of the future

Thanks to our teaching methods, our graduates are considered to be more curious and more responsive than others, able to quickly adapt to the business world, effectively identify global challenges and seize opportunities in an international context.

All our study programs are geared towards quick and successful employability, and offer many outstanding prospects.
The wealth of skills acquired (technical, scientific, managerial), the complementary teaching methods (working professionals, lectures, tutorials, etc.), the on-the-job experience (internships in France or abroad ...) give our graduates:
- access to a wide variety of jobs
- the potential flexibility to change careers.

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