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Plant production and sustainable agriculture

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Your requirements:

- optimize your production methods (inputs, crop techniques and cropping systems)
- perform an agricultural and/or environmental assessment and develop sustainable crop practices
- design innovative cropping systems
- integrate environmental practices (protect and reuse resources)
- develop new protocols or methodologies
- conduct a market study
- recruit or train your staff (Agronomy / Ecology / Certiphyto certification / agri-environmental regulations)

Our areas of expertise:

- Agronomy
- Agroecology
- Ecology (soil, landscapes)
- Plant Ecophysiology
- Crop management systems and innovative cropping systems
- Legumes and intercropping
- Supply chains and quality of plant products
- Agri-environmental regulations

Our solutions:

• Study programs
- ESA Engineer, "Plant Production and Agroecology" major (4th and 5th year)
- Agroecology Master (Fésia Master, Fédération des Ingénieurs pour l'Alimentation, l'Agriculture et l'Environnement)
- Professional License in "Plant Production"
- BTS in Agronomy and plant production

• Experts
- A multidisciplinary team of some twenty researchers, teachers and engineers
- Research Unit: LEVA (Laboratory of Plant Ecophysiology and Agroecology)

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