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Recruit an international graduate

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The ESA group has had a strong international policy for over 20 years. Our programs help recruit and train foreign managers for your international subsidiaries.

Sandwich Training for Foreign Students [Etrangers en Formation par Alternance: EFA]

We work with you to select foreign graduate students in their home country and we co-train them for two years in a sandwich training program. At the end of the training period, the engineers are perfectly bilingual in French, bicultural, familiar with your corporate culture and ready to put their expertise to work for you in their country of origin.
In 2009, 55 students from 13 countries working in 17 companies were enrolled in this program. The majority of the first 33 graduates now work back their home country for the original company.

Business Channel Engineer [Ingénieur Canal Entreprises: ICE]

The international students that you select are in initial training, that is, undergraduate students. They perform their research and innovation internship and their graduate thesis at your company. During their 9-month internship, they will become familiar with your corporate culture as well as the products and people, which will make them excellent cultural and operational "bridges" back in their native countries.

The incubator program: a pool of international talent

The program brings in young international students from countries where the ESA Group has regular recruitment inquiries from businesses. They are trained as engineers and constitute an international talent pool available to the companies in which they perform their research and innovation internships and graduate theses, with a view to recruitment.

International students

In 2009, we hosted 145 students from 30 different countries.


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