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Regional Education Networks and Partners

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The ESA Group is a member and actor in major regional higher education networks.

L’UNAM – Research and Higher Education Cluster

UNAM was created by research and higher education stakeholders in the Pays de la Loire region to pursue a concerted policy. UNAM brings together 29 major institutions of higher education and research in the Pays de la Loire. Among them, there are 11 founding members (including ESA) and 18 associate members. UNAM aims to enhance the attractiveness and visibility, especially internationally, of its member institutions.

 Conférence des Grandes Ecoles des Pays de la Loire

Founded in 2003, the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles des Pays de la Loire (CGE PdL) is an association of 19 Grandes Ecoles in the Region, located in Nantes, Angers, Laval and Le Mans.**
In conjunction with the Conference of Grandes Ecoles at the national level, the CGE-PdL emphasizes permanent dialogue and partnerships between our schools.


Located in the Pays de la Loire, VEGEPOLYS is a competitive cluster with a worldwide mission that is unique in Europe in terms of number of companies, research centres and schools in the area of the plants. Its goal is to become the world's leading cluster for the production of eco-friendly plants.


Valcampus is composed of educational and research facilities in Anjou, offering advanced programs in plant science, plant technology and plant economics. A major innovation: the development of synergies between organizations in the public and private sectors. An ambitious project: to make Angers the leading European site for higher education in plant sciences.

Conseil Régional de l’Enseignement Agricole Privé

In the Pays de la Loire region, a network of 23 private agricultural schools on 35 sites.

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