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Mission-oriented research

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From introductory classes to professional research work, ESA Research participates in the quality of education. It creates knowledge, allows students to participate and provides situations promoting the acquisition of methodology and scientific rigor.

5-year post-baccalaureate

Engineer Program,
a progressive approach to research

- Introduction to the research units and the research profession in the first year, field observations and experiments related to research programs, in the 3rd year, research program with Fésia.
- In the Masters cycle, students are familiarized with education through research and the world of research and innovation through the Research and Innovation Week.
Most students participate in scientific research or consulting studies for companies or communities, in groups or individually (Research and Innovation internship, Thesis, Apprenticeship).

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a strong link between education and research  

The two international masters certified Erasmus Mundus and National Masters Diploma are based on the scientific achievements of research professors who are actively involved in the internationally renowned research units, including the Grappe Research Unit.

Master Vintage
Master Food Identity

Scientific Masters

The LEVA Research Unit is a host laboratory and several research professors teach classes in the BIOVIGPA Masters Program.

8-year post baccalaureate

The ESA Research Units host several doctoral students each year as part of their theses.

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