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Research Center

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The Research Center provides research and consulting services, to help businesses and communities develop innovative new products, techniques and services to advance their global development strategy.

As a complement to the Research Units, the Research Center mobilizes scientific and technical skills in four fields:
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
- Environmental assessment: impact studies, LCA, carbon footprint
- Improved environmental performance and sustainability: technical processes, organizational flow, interior and exterior layout
  • Dynamics of Global Markets
- Market mechanisms, regulatory systems and the behavior of actors
- The standards arising from multifunctionality and Consumer Protection
  • Business Strategy
- Addressed particularly in terms of sectors,
- At different functional levels, from production to marketing.
  • Landscaping and the horticultural sector

The Research Center benefits from the synergy of the teaching units consisting of teachers and experts in the field.
It offers three main advantages:
- Diversity of skills, concepts and methods
- Proximity and knowledge of professional circles
- Organization of resources

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