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Teaching and Initiative Laboratories

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The Teaching and Initiative Laboratories operate under the supervision of the Academic and Educational Office.

Teaching Laboratories

The mission of the Teaching Laboratories is to provide multidisciplinary, hands-on educational activities to ESA students at all levels (BTS, Bachelor, Engineer, Master).
The objectives are to:
- Use hands-on teaching methods and develop practical teaching materials.
- Manage the laboratories, equipment and products so lab classes run smoothly.
- Provide technical supervision of all lab work and field studies

The teaching laboratories are available to:
- ESA students and interns who want to perform tests on their own, for example soil analysis, nutritional analysis, chemical analysis, etc.
- Other facilities: Lycée de Pouillé, Agrilia Formation
- Associations: Les Naturalistes Angevin

Initiative Laboratory

The Initiative Laboratory opened in March 2008 to encourage students to be creative and enterprising. The lab and equipment are made available so students can develop initiatives requiring experimental and analytical investigations. The teaching staff can also provide some support. The primary aim is to allow students to experiment and express their creative and innovative spirit in a non-academic, non-graded setting.
At the initiative laboratory, you can:
- Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and focus on creativity and innovation
- Learn to take action
- Learn how to develop and manage a project from beginning to end
- Learn what is involved in going from an idea to development to successful implementation.

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