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Ecole agricole Groupe ESA


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What is Groupe ESA ?

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Programmes of study in all fields of life sciences :

With its 2,630 students, the Groupe ESA is the largest institute of higher education for life sciences in France. It offers a wide range of courses in 10 major sectors of activity : farming, food, landscape management, environment, horticulture, viticulture, retailing, trade, agribusiness management and town & country planning.

Within the Groupe ESA, there are four institutions and four research laboratories : 

A ‘grande école’, ESA
which awards undergraduate and post graduate degrees (including PhDs) and the typically French diploma ‘ingenieur’, which is traditionally a five year sandwich course punctuated with five work placements in industry, including a MSc type thesis.

A school of executive management, called 'Agricadre'
which offers a 2 year course in management and trade to students who have already done a minimum of two years university education ; it also offers the European Engineer Degree course in collaboration with Christeljike Agrarische Hogesschool, Dronten in the Netherlands.

which offers two year vocational courses in a wide range of subjects.

An adult education centre for professional training offering

apprenticeship training, adult continuing education , and even distance learning (or correspondence courses).

A century old school :
ESA was founded in 1898 by Jesuits and representatives of the agricultural world. The school has been instrumental in the development of agriculture in northern and western France, the first region in Europe in the farming and the food industry sectors. Since the Jesuits left in 1970, the school has become a non-profitmaking organization managed by alumni, but closely controlled by the state.

FESIA, the Consortium of Agricultural University Colleges :
ESA belongs to a French consortium of 4 private agricultural university colleges called FESIA ('Fédération des Écoles Supérieures d’Ingénieurs en Agriculture'), which assembles 6,000 students, thus representing 30 % of all such students in the agricultural and food industry sectors in France. The diploma known as ‘Ingénieur’ awarded by the FESIA colleges, is accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture and the official body recognising ‘Grandes Ecoles’ (the 'Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur'). This is to be sure a major asset when it comes to finding a job. The positions held by our graduates in and outside France amply testify to that.

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