The work-study calendar

Apprenticeship agreement

ESA’s apprenticeship training centre has 700 apprentices. It displays the in-depth collaboration between three partners: the company, the school and the apprentice.

ESA offers you:

two or three-year contracts (depending on the training programme) to train young people:
to vocational secondary level diploma level;
– to BTS level in agricultural sectors (plant and animal production), in horticulture (flowers, nurseries, arboriculture and market gardening), landscaping, business (food, ornamental horticulture, agri-supply) and management;
– to engineering degree level (agriculture, agri-food, environment, trade).

one-year contracts for holders of a Bac + 2 diploma:

Horticultural production;
Analysis, running and strategy of an agricultural business;
Animal husbandry; and
Agronomy and Plant production.

Part-time with you, the apprentice learns professional skills and your business culture, and learns to master one or more jobs. He contributes actively to the life and development of your business.

Because of his double status as a student and an employee, he learns all the better because he can make the permanent link between the theoretical courses and professional situations.

The company pays the young person between 53 and 61% of the SMIC (guaranteed minimum wage) and enjoys an exemption from employer’s contributions and the wage-related costs, receives financial assistance from the “Conseil régional” and the training costs are paid.

The training starts between July and September.
You have the opportunity to meet the young people who are candidates for an apprenticeship contract between January and August.

Professional training contract

Do you want to recruit a young person under the professional training contract scheme? This is our training proposal:

  • Agricadre (business and management)
  • Professional Degree in Management of commercial activities
  • Professional Degree in Management of an agricultural business
  • Professional Degree in Animal husbandry: animal husbandry counselling professions
  • Professional Degree in Agronomy (plant production)
  • Professional Degree in Marketing and international trade in terroir wines
  • Distribution manager.

The professional training contract allows the company to get to know the young person better and to accompany him during his integration period.

The company pays the work-study student between 65 % and 80 % of the SMIC (guaranteed minimum wage). It enjoys a partial exemption from employer’s contributions and the wage-related costs and receives financial assistance from its OPCA (an official training funding organisation).

Meet your future employees

Do you want to meet your future employees face-to-face? Participate in the internship and work placement, work-study and 1st employment forum.

A special day for companies and students to meet with the possibility of an internship or work placement, a work-study placement or a job!

Each year, ESA organises a forum for students and the guests are the companies in our line of business. This highlight of the student life is a special moment when companies and students can meet and exchange views.

Some thirty companies representing all of our sectors of our line of business are present:

LDC, Lactalis, Isagri, Terrena, Crédit Agricole, Axereal, Limagrain, Fleury Michon, Valorex and many more.

This event allows you:

  • to make use of an excellent forum in which to present what you do and your recruitment needs (internships and work placements, work-study placements, jobs) to young people, future graduates in the sectors of agriculture, agri-food, viticulture, animal and plant production, landscape planning or the environment; and
  • to take advantage of a unique occasion for meeting all the students from the different study and training programmes of our establishment: Engineers, Masters, Agricadre, Professional Degrees and BTS (vocational diplomas).

It allows the students:

  • to find internships and work placements (from 3 to 6 months) in various fields (animal and plant production, agri-food industry, environment, banking and consulting, services, etc.)
  • to identify subjects for their dissertations at the end of their studies and topics for marketing or field studies; and
  • to find a first job.

To register, please contact the Corporate Relations Service:

Angélique Thebault
02 41 23 56 81