Project objectives:

In a context where precision breeding is booming, the development of imaging techniques offers perspectives for a more precise and individualized management of dairy cows. The hypothesis  is that from an individual profile of the evolution of the body condition of a cow, it would be possible to apply corrective measures or to adapt the management strategy in order to reduce the risk of reproductive failure. The CowPILOT project will test this hypothesis by (i) analyzing body condition evaluation data from three INRAE experimental sites and four experimental farms from the F@RM XP network (Chambers of Agriculture and the Institut de l’Elevage), (ii) simulation and (iii) surveys of farmers and livestock consultants.

The CowPILOT project aims to

– quantify the role of the Body Condition Score (BCS) and its variations in the prediction of reproductive performance

– quantify the effects of different body condition score management strategies on reproductive performance,

– evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of individualized management of BCS by farmers

Charlotte Dezetter (URSE ESA) is involved in the coordination of the project and in the action 1. This action aims at identifying profiles of BCS variations in relation with the reproductive performances of the cows from the data collected in the experimental farms, partners of the project.

Claire Manoli and Timothée Petit (URSE ESA) are involved in the animation of action 3. The objective of this action is to identify the feasibility and acceptability by farmers of BCS management to improve reproductive performance.