ESA is a friendly place, open to the town and always on the move!

Coming to our school is:

  • living a rich human experience that will be decisive for your future;
  • being able to develop personally and grow in the clubs and societies; and
  • meeting others and sharing in a multicultural environment.

ESA is animated by an intense social life that owes much to student engagement. The school has a wide variety of clubs and societies:

  • Culture and the media
  • Music and dance
  • Sport
  • Food and wine
  • Entertainment – Events
  • Commitment and solidarity
  • Junior enterprise

For more information about the clubs and societies, download our Alpha brochure

Culture and media

  • Apocalypse Cow (or APO) is the ESA student newspaper. Each year, 4 APOs are sold to the ESA students at the end of the semester exams. Indispensable for relaxing, it contains some gossip, latest news and some more or less serious articles, always tinged with humour. This work is done in good spirit and with discipline by 15 students who never hesitate to ask others to contribute!
  • The Bureau des Arts (BDA) – “There is no man that is cultivated; there are only men that cultivate themselves.” Ferdinand Foch. Do you want to play music, go to the theatre or cinema, cultivate yourself? The BDA is just what you need!

It offers you theatre performances and improvisation, cinema seats at reduced prices, etc. ESA puts at your disposal a music room, fully equipped with instruments. The students of the Music Club form groups according to their preferences and play at various events, such as the Melting Potes, the Inter-Schools concerts, etc. The BDA also ensures the promotion of the arts and cultures at ESA: music, cinema, theatre, exhibitions, dance, literature, philosophy and offers activities (rock club, theatre club, etc.)
Not only seeds are cultivated at ESA, minds too are cultivated!

Music and dance

  • The rock club : There are rock dance classes every Wednesday evening. This is the chance to learn some new moves and train for the Grand Rock Competition Gala. So, what are you waiting for!


  • The ESA Sports Club offers many different types of sports for everybody: soccer, volley ball, basketball, badminton. Other sports may also be played depending on the demand from students. Training takes place during the week in a spirit of camaraderie and with a view to having a good time!

The Sports Club also offers its members the chance to participate in major university tournaments in all types of sports: petanque, archery, athletics, tennis, horse riding, etc.
Several half days of rock climbing, canoeing and hiking are organised when the weather is good. It is an opportunity to spend time with friends in a sporting and recreational context.

AS is also involved in several events:

  • the BREI tournaments: sporting tournaments bringing together the students from the Angevin “Grandes Ecoles”;
  • the AS evening: to celebrate the awarding of diplomas with your oldest sponsors;
  • the Inter-ESA: a sports tournament in which students from the various ESA programmes face each other in different sports; and
  • the Ovalies: the biggest European university rugby tournament at LaSalle Beauvais.

Become a member of the Sports Club and have a really enjoyable year full of energy and sports!

  • ESAquatiques: Water sports at Angers? It’s possible in the Maine! The ESA rowing club participates in university competitions and in three training sessions per week at the Angers rowing centre. It is also possible to do paddle boarding, kayaking or sailing on Maine Lake. Every May, ESAquatiques organises its traditional weekend at the sea to go surfing and catamaraning; and discover other water sports in a festive atmosphere with evenings on the beach.
  • Riding Club: ESAcheval is open to all, whether a seasoned rider or you simply want to find out more about riding. In addition, jumping and dressage courses are available for experienced riders at a stable in Avrillé (15 min by car). Pony trekking is also open to everyone and lets you enjoy nature and the outdoors. And to top it off, there is an equestrian event during the year! Numerous outings are organised, such as: the Angers horse show, the Angers “Mondial du lion”, the “Cadre Noir” of Saumur, etc.

Food & wine

  • The Club Fromage: Unique of its kind, this cheese club was started by the students and the lecturers. It enables students to discover the diversity of French cheeses. Throughout the year, it offers several special themed sessions to taste and discuss in a friendly atmosphere! A journey not to be missed to cheese regions is organised with visits to cheese makers, moments of relaxation and sports activities in a warm and friendly atmosphere.Let yourself be tempted by a cheese “Tour de France” and delight your taste buds!
  • The Oeno Club  – The aim of the ESA Oenological Club is to have students discover the world of wine in a warm ambiance. The backbone of the club is a united and extremely motivated team…
    Various activities are proposed: most often tasting evenings (sometimes blind) hosting some fifty participants and giving them the opportunity to test their palate and sense of smell, and to acquire a general culture of the wine and vineyard environment. The club is also a chance to meet the professionals during visits to wine cellars, wine growers and wine-growing establishments or wine merchants or representatives during the sessions. There are also joint activities with other clubs, such as the Cheese Club. Finally, a trip to a wine region is organised each year, with exchanges with wine growers and tastings of their products, as well as a visit of the region.
  • Le Potager rare will have you learn of the diversity of vegetable plants through practice and information. The club cultivates rare or scarcely cultivated fruit and vegetables in the ESA’s kitchen garden in accordance with the rules of Organic Agriculture. Everyone is welcome to garden, rest, daydream, stroll, discuss and bring his or her ideas!

Entertainment – Events

  • Capital Trips – Barcelona, Prague, London, Berlin, Rome… you dream of visiting these European cities. Once a year, the BDE organises a stay in one of the great capitals of Europe.
  • Ski Trip – Each year, the BDE organises week’s skiing in the Alps for all the students of ESA.
  • Melting potes – Melting potes is every Wednesday evening in the year from 5pm! The occasion to have a drink with students from different years in the foyer of the school and share a moment of relaxation in the middle of the week. A team of students is responsible for the entertainment for these small events, with games and music.
  • Petites journées (short days) – “Les petites journées” are group activities that last an afternoon. On the programme: gokarting, paintball, water activities. The chance to relax and make new acquaintances.
  • Rabelaisienne – One of the first evenings of the year and the only one that takes place in the school. On the programme: buffets, various concerts in the amphitheatres, a foyer full of atmosphere and lots of other surprises.
  • The ESA gala – Not to be missed for some years now, the ESA Gala is generally held in the Château du Plessis Macé, an exceptional setting. This brilliant evening brings together all the students from the various ESA programmes, as well as the School’s staff. A wonderful chance to exchange views with others! An impressive meal, a dream setting, a dance floor and a boisterous rock contest liven up this traditional evening. Such an event requires much preparation and rigorous organisation but always in joy and good humour. And you too can contribute to the quality of the event by being a member of the organising group.
  • ESAChallenge organises INSOMNIAK and PARADISIAK, two festive events for ESA students. With themes and disguises, these are the biggest evenings of the year. The origins of the club go back some years with the organisation of the Inter-Agri. Since then, the club seeks to organise an event that is open to everybody in Angers and is on the lookout for new, motivated individuals to carry through this project! One single goal: to enjoy yourself and liven up student life!
  • Champs et lisiers (Fields and Slurry) – The third year is a turning point in the life of an ESA student! It’s halfway through the syllabus and, at the end of the year, the Licence (Bachelor degree) cycle finishes before embarking on the Master cycle. To mark this important stage, the third years prepare every year an artistic show.

Dancers, musicians, comedians, singers, etc., all those with talent from that year come together to present a show of high level quality. Video sketches recalling the high points of the year are also presented. An evening not to be missed: three hours of laughter and fun, three hours of madness!

Commitment & solidarity

  • The CGE is a national association, grouping all the Christian students of France. It is obviously open to everybody. In Angers, seven schools are involved: ESA, ENSAM, ESAIP, ESSCA, ESEO, INH and IRCOM. A mass is organised once a month in the school.

At the end of January, there is a large gathering. It is an opportunity to attend conferences, to hear testimonies, as well as times of prayer. Within ESA, CGE proposes round tables every month, moments of prayer, sports meals, excursions, etc.
The inter agri-agro weekend brings together students from agri-agro (Agriculture-Food) schools all over France to AgroParisTech. It allows us, as Christians and future leaders committed to society, to reflect on the major issues of our time, focusing on agriculture, agro-industry and the environment. The programme aims to help students develop their human, social, humanitarian and spiritual senses.

  • ESAlternatives is a student society that initiates change, which gives rise to ideas. Thinking about the future, acting together, in a different way.

A student society that brings together those who want to be able to talk about their generation, as well as of the one that has changed the world. Born of the common desire of a group of friends to combine their student life and their convictions, this society was created in 2014. The soul of ESAternatives is the determination and desire to produce, consume and live otherwise.
The aim is to allow students to be open to other points of view and questions than those taught in classical school settings. It is therefore the occasion to confront convictions and discover other ways of seeing the world. This takes place through conferences, gardening workshops in the school and in the centre of town, evening debates and a big annual event, La Petite Pierre. There are debates and conferences in the afternoon and the evening closes with a disco-soup: concerts and meals made with unsaleable produce retrieved from the markets.

  • ESAbeilles has seven beehives in the Agrocampus orchard, managed by ESA students and Agrocampus. Bees play an important role in agriculture. Their freedom to forage has still a price… Their fate is very uncertain because of the use of insecticides. Harvesting, maintenance of the hives, wintering and surveillance activities are planned, as well as many others. ESAbeilles is open to all, both beginners and experienced individuals. On the programme: visits to the hives on Thursday afternoons, initiation to hive maintenance, honey processing and conferences on bees. Come join the swarm!

For those who are more interested and the curious, there are free courses in apiculture at the Anjou Apiary School, two Saturdays per month.

Junior enterprise

Junior enterprise is a national movement which brings together 12,000 students in 160 “Juniors”. OSER (Ouest Service Etudes Recherche) is ESA’s junior-enterprise. It has some 250 student-engineers ready to respond as far as possible and with flexibility to the needs of its clients. OSER acts as a consultancy. It offers services to professionals in the agricultural world.

Developing personal skills (management, customer relations, accountancy, speaking in public, etc.) in various areas of expertise: agriculture, food industry, wine growing and oenology, and the environment.

Why join OSER?
It is the opportunity to work on studies for professionals and earn experience and money! It is a unique experience, an excellent way to improve your CV and an interesting way to learn in an agreeable setting.

By joining OSER, you could carry out technical, management and market studies, or administer questionnaires by analysing the replies.

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