The topic

Approximately 40 students coming from our international network of University partners discover facets of the French agriculture and the traditional food products “system” during one month. From production to consumers, the program will allow students to understand the “terroir” production through several angles such as History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political, Economy, Food science, Crop production & Agroecology and Animal production.

The purpose of the program is to show to students links between agriculture, food industry and food culture with a sustainable development perspective.  The program will also introduce them to the “French way of life” and to France’s role in the European Union.

The 4 week program combines:

  • Courses and presentations,
  • Laboratory activities,
  • Group projects and study cases
  • Visits to farms, food and wine companies,
  • Educational field trips and cultural visits in a wide variety of places (Paris, the Loire Valley, Brittany, Normandy…).

The program is entirely conducted in English by 25 faculties from our different departments.


Students must proceed from a College of Agriculture or study any majors that would justified to study in the ESA’s Summer Program. Academic level: minimum freshmen.

Lodging and Meals

Students will have the opportunity to experience the French way of living, sharing the daily life of a host family during 4 weeks.


Alejandra CARRIL:
Summer Program Assistant
Office: + 33(0)2 41 23 55 08

Gaël ROUL :
Summer Program coordinator
Area manager for North American countries (France Agro3)
Office: + 33(0)2 41 23 55 87