With the purpose of strengthening ties between international partners and companies, particularly for the I2FA program: LDC’s Polish operations, ESA organized a meeting at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland, in mid-February with Dr. Maciej Nastaj, Professor Dariusz Stasiak and Mariusz Kicinski from DROSED.

Dr. Maciej Nastaj and Professor Dariusz Stasiak are our partners from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland. They are researchers in the Department of Biotechnology, Human Nutrition, and Food Commodities. The university varies across different fields of study such as agriculture, veterinary medicine, food technology and human nutrition, biotechnology, economics, environmental engineering, etc.

Besides, Mariusz Kicinski is the representative of DROSED, one of LDC’s company subsidiaries in Poland. DROSED, moreover, is one of the modern enterprises in the poultry and meat processing trade in Poland. The company sells its products on the domestic and foreign markets, notably in Western Europe.

Both of the representatives, from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin and from DROSED, were introduced to one another at the meeting as the partner of ESA in the I2FA program for LDC’s Polish operations.

I2FA program is a company-sponsored MSc Program. A sandwich course consisting of periods of study at ESA with periods of work at the french company between them for two years so that students get practical experience. After having finished high-level training in technical and managerial competencies, students will obtain a Master of Science in Engineering from ESA.

Assisting international partners to build strong ties with companies has been one of ESA’s international strategies to enhance its international performance, visibility, and competitiveness. Along with the same line of vision, ESA continued flying to Hungary to had another meeting with Hungarian LDC partner and TRANZIT foods at the University of Debrecen Hungary.