Composition of the Senior Management Team

  • René SIRET,  ESA’s Director
  • Nathalie BARON, Director for Finance, Administration and IT Systems
  • Nicolas BROUTE, Director of Corporate Relations 
  • Olivier JOUIN, Director of Human Resources
  • Pierre PICOUET, Director of Research and Valorisation
  • Christophe NAUDIN, Director of the Engineering degree program
  • Nathalie FONTAINE, Director of Departments
  • Olivier HORNER, Director of the Bachelors and Masters degree programs

Composition of the Board of Trustees



Officers of the Board of Trustess
  • Yves LE MORVAN, vice-president, member of the Think Tank Agridées and former Manager of Coop de France
  • Bernard LACOSTE, treasurer, former Chief Financial Officer of Crédit Agricole Anjou Maine
  • Simon TANNE, secretary, Territory manager, Sanders, Chairperson AIESA College
  • Dominique HAUG, deputy secretary, former Manager of the Min Rouen, Angers et Toulouse
  • Jean-Manuel PIVERT, member, farmer and President of ACTAGESA College
  • Patricia Maussion, member, farmer and member of the regional council, Delegate for organic farming, promotion of agriculture and promotion of regional products
  • Philippe Grié, member, Human Resources Manager, Groupe Terrena
  • Gino Boismorin, member, Executive Manager of Vegepolys Valley
Colleges of the Board of Trustees
  • College AIESA
    AUBINAIS Michel
    BELLARD Louis-Luc
    FRANCOIS Damien
    GIRES Bastien
    GORIOUX Marie-Thérèse
    LACOSTE Bernard
    PAUMIER Anne-Laure
    PAYOUX Jérôme


  • College ACTAGESA
    GANTIER Pierre
    GAUTHIER Philipe-Didier
    GUICHOUX Pierre-Marie
    BROUSSE Cyrille


  • College of exterior personnalities
    BOUCHET Guillaume
    DAVID Augustin
    DE MONPEZAT Florent
    GELIN Philippe
    GRIE Philippe
    LECOUFFE Vincent
    LE MORVAN Yves
    MAUSSION Patricia
    SUCHET Lucie


  • Legal entities, ex officio members
    HAUG Dominique
    PIVERT Jean-Manuel
    TANNE Simon
    VERMERSCH Dominique


  • Staff representatives
    BYLL Pascal
    GHALI Mohamed


  • Students representatives
    COZIAN Sylvain
    TIRILLY Marine