Internships or work placements abroad

Internships and work placements at all levels of study from BTS to an engineering degree

Student internships and work placements abroad take place on farms, in agri-food companies, and research and development organisations; in any type of structure in the fields of environment and management of natural resources.

An interlocutor within the international service will help you choose your destination and support you in finding a host structure that is best suited to your project and your level of study or training.

ESA has a network of professional contacts abroad, which facilitates some of the placements and ESA provides a personalised follow-up to help students in their search.

Study tours

Group study trips of one week or individual stays of 2 to 3 weeks are organised in the majority of the study programmes offered at ESA. It is the opportunity to find out about a professional sector and therefore other practices, but also to deepen your knowledge of the language.


Each apprenticeship training programme offers the possibility of experiencing a professional sector, through an 8-day group study tour to a European country:

A few examples of destinations:

  • BTS Landscape: travel to the south of Europe to experience the art of Mediterranean landscaping, discover exceptional architecture and mythical gardens in Italy or Spain, and study their design and history.
  • BTS Horticultural Production: discover Mediterranean flora in Spain, a country in full development in the sector or in Italy, the leading European producer in terms of surface area: visit Pistoia and its nurseries of European fame.
  • BTS Agronomy and Plant Production: discover the agriculture and sectors of an Eastern European country.
  • BTS Sales: The Netherlands and their famous flower market at Veiling; Italy and its renowned nurseries in Pistoia; Spain and succulents.


In most of the areas for in-depth study (5th year of the engineering curriculum), a trip is organised to somewhere in Europe so that the students are exposed to an international professional situation.

Trip to the Netherlands: discovery of Dutch internationally-focussed companies and a visit to the Port of Rotterdam.

Rémy Roulleau