Once admitted to our school, the person in charge of welcoming you will contact you to assist you in completing all the formalities and organising accommodation.

When you arrive in France, you will be welcomed and helped so as to facilitate your integration and finalise all the administrative tasks.

Warm Welcome

Three good reasons to choose ESA

  1. Every year, we welcome more than 150 international students, who form 6 % of our students: there is a real international atmosphere on campus!
  2. French students are approachable and happy to support you in exploring your new environment.
  3. An experienced international team will answer your questions and guide you through the preparations for your arrival and your choice of study programme..


Keys to success: a three-step process.

Before leaving home, you will be informed about:

  • the administrative procedures: registration, residence permit, bank account, insurance, etc.
  • accommodation opportunities
  • the health care system and health insurance
  • possibilities for financial assistance
  • the ressources you will need

Upon arrival in Angers, you can expect:

  • A warm welcome at the station by a French student;
  • An administrative day for finalising all the formalities and starting the courses calmly and with peace of mind. You’ll also learn about extracurricular activities and student clubs and social life.
  • Intensive French language classes at school and after class, including an initiation to French life.

Throughout your stay:

  • you’ll receive individual support: in case you need help or advice resolving difficulties
  • you’ll be in contact with your own educational counsellor: supporting you through your studies

Students with disabilities

ESA welcomes students with disabilities and promotes educational equity to support you in achieving your academic and life goals.

The disability support team and the academic team are here to support students with disabilities. Students can make an appointment with a disability advisor to discuss their particular needs. Our student disability team can provide:

  • Recommendations for alternative assessment and examination conditions
  • Access to assistive technologies, or specialised equipment.
  • Assurance that course and assessments are accessible to you and adapted to your needs.
  • Physical assistance (peer notetaking service, etc.).

If you have a disability or condition that affects your studies, you are encouraged to contact ESA prior to or upon enrolment for confidental advice to make the most of your studies.

“ESA’s disability adviser provides support for students with disabilities. We work with external organisations and academic teams, to promote equality and accessibility,”-  Leicy PASTOR CORSO, disability adviser at ESA.

Everyday life

To assist you in the practical things in your daily life.

The international service will find you accommodation before your arrival. Read more about the  Accomodation procedure.  Like French students, international students can claim housing allowance (AL) paid by the Family Allowance Fund. This is a contribution to the payment of rent. Read more about financial aid for accomodation.
Angers is an average-size town and is easy to get around.  Pedestrian streets, cycle lanes and trams make shops, bars and cinemas, very accessible.
ESA is a pleasant ten minute walk from the train station and town centre.
Students normally walk, cycle or take a bus or tram. There is even a night time transport service. Read more about public transportation .  The city of Angers lends bikes to resident students. Read more.

Budget – cost of living
• Room: €350 (around 25m²)
• Meals at the university restaurant (€3.30 x 60 meals): €198
• Transport by bus/tram: €29 (monthly ticket)
• Total around 615€ min/900 € max
Read more about Living costs in Angers

ESA can help you in finding accommodation. Read more following this link Accomodation procedure
You can benefit from financial aid. For more information follow the link Housing financial aids

Angers’ university restaurants are open for lunch and in the evening during the week. Meals cost: €3.30.   The cafeteria at ESA, sells salads, sandwiches, etc. Prices are €4/ €6. Read more about food service
The International Relations Office can help you find a suitable bank. It is better to choose a bank with a strong international service.
For more Information follow this link Opening a French bank account
Health insurance cover is mandatory when staying in France. You have to choose a doctor.
The rate for consultations is fixed by the State according to the following scale:
• Visit to a GP: €25
• Visit to a specialist: from €25 to €40.
It is also possible to consult doctors free of charges at the SUMPPS
The International Service can supply you with a list of doctors and dentists near campus.  Read more about Health insurance    Video of Health Insurance Registration


Once admission to a degree course has been confirmed or registration for a non-degree study programme validated, you may begin the administrative process for staying in France.

There are three different situations:

1. You are a citizen of a country within the European Union (or of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland):
No carte de séjour (residence permit) is required.
You must be in possession of a valid passport or national identity card.

2. You are a citizen of Croatia or Turkey:
For a stay of less than three months: no carte de séjour (residence permit) is necessary. You must be in possession of a valid passport or national identity card.
For a stay of more than three months: you must be in possession of a valid passport and a STUDENT visa mentioning ‘carte de séjour à solliciter à l’arrivée’ (residence permit to be applied for on arrival), i.e. you must apply for your residence permit as soon as you arrive in Angers.

3. You are NOT a citizen of one of the above countries:
For a stay of less than three months in France: you must have a passport and a visa with the words ‘dispensé temporaire de carte de séjour‘ (which means that for the time being you do not require a residence permit).
For a stay of more than three months: you must be in possession of a valid passport and a STUDENT visa mentioning that a ‘carte de séjour à solliciter à l’arrivée’ (residence permit to be applied for on arrival), i.e. you must apply for your residence permit as soon as you arrive in Angers.
How to apply for a visa
Contact the French Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
Warning! A ‘tourist’ visa may NOT be exchanged for a student (‘étudiant‘) visa, either in France or any other EU Member State.

How to apply for a carte de séjour (residence permit)


Learn more about the administrative formalities

  • Go to www.campusfrance.org
  • Please consult the following tabs ‘Study in France’, ‘Living in France’, ‘Working in France during your studies’, ‘Prepare your stay’ and ‘Visa and Residence permits’.

Your contact: Alejandra Carril : a.carril@groupe-esa.com