The Campus is a friendly place to live and study, walking distance to the city and always buzzing!

Joining our school means:

  • Living a rich interpersonal experience that will shape your future
  • Expanding your vision of community life
  • Meeting and sharing in a multicultural environment

The school has many different clubs:

  • Culture and media
  • Music and dance
  • Sports
  • Food and wine
  • Organisation of events
  • Commitment and solidarity
  • Junior enterprise
  • Welcoming Internaitonal students

These different activities allow everyone to participate in a dynamic community life. It is an opportunity to acquire and develop skills and responsibilities: creativity, team management, project management, budget management… but also to express yourself!

Culture and media

  • The Apocalypse Cow is ESA’s student newspaper. It is also called the APO. At the end of the exam period each year, APOs issues are sold to ESA students. It is a great way to chill after a busy exam period. Each issue contains some gossip, news and articles with a touch of humour. This work is carried out by 15 students by enjoying themselves and by good discipline. They don’t hesitate to request the involvement of all!


  • Le Bureau des Arts – “There is no such thing as a cultured man, there are only men who cultivate themselves” Ferdinand Foch.
    Do You want to make music, theatre or go to the cinema ? Do you want to cultivate yourself ? Get in touch with the « Bureau des Arts » (BDA) ! It offers theatre and improvisation sessions, reduced-price movie tickets… ESA provides a music room fully equipped with instruments.
    The Music Club students form groups according to mutual preferences. These groups play during various events such as the “Melting Pots”, the Inter-School concerts…
    The BDA also organises and promotes arts and culture activities: music, cinema, theatre, exhibitions, dance, literature, philosophy and offers activities (rock club, theatre club…).
    We don’t just cultivate seeds, we also cultivate our minds!

Music and dance

  • The rock club : rock & dance classes are held every Wednesday. An opportunity to learn new tricks and to practice for the big rock contest during the Gala event (A festive event organised by ESA societies). Come and dance !



ESA Sport clubs, called AS, offer many sports for all : soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton. Other sports can also be practiced according to the students’ requests. All training sessions take place during the week and take place in a friendly atmosphere!
These clubs are also an opportunity to participate in major university tournaments in several sports : pétanque, archery, athletics, tennis, horseback riding and more !
A number of half-day sports activities such as climbing, canoeing and hiking are organized during the summer. This is an opportunity to spend a good time with friends around sports and have fun. The AS is also involved in several events:

  • BREI tournaments: sports tournaments bringing together all the students of the Grandes Ecoles of Angers
  • The AS evening : to celebrate the graduation with your oldest Esa sponsors.
  • The Inter ESA : a sports tournament where the different ESA programs compete in several sports
  • The ovalies : the largest European university rugby tournament at LaSalle Beauvais
    Become a member and join the Sports Association to enjoy a sporty, energetic and very nice year!

Riding Club : The ESAcheval is open to all, whether you are an experienced rider or just curious to discover horseback riding. In addition, for experienced riders, CSO and dressage lessons are offered in a stable in Avrillé (15 min by car). Rides are open to all to enjoy nature and the great outdoors. And as a bonus, an equestrian show course is planned during the year ! Numerous outings are organized such as : the Angers horse show, the Mondial du lion d’Angers, the Cadre Noir de Saumur…

Food & wine

  • The Cheese Club : This unique club was initiated by students and teachers. It allows students to discover the “cheese” diversity of the French terroir. Throughout the year, it offers several thematic sessions, to taste and discuss in a friendly atmosphere! An unmissable trip to “cheese lands” is organized with visits to cheese dairies, moments of relaxation and sports activities in a warm and friendly atmosphere.Let yourself be tempted by a tour of France’s cheeses and awaken your taste buds !


  • The Oeno Club – The ESA Oenology Club aims to introduce students to the world of wine in a friendly atmosphere. The club relies on a close-knit and highly motivated team…
    Different activities are offered : most often tasting evenings and sometimes blind tests. There are about fifty participants to exercise their palate, their sense of smell and to acquire a general culture of the wine industry. The club is also a way to discuss with professionals during visits to wineries, farms or speakers during the sessions. Joint activities with other associations such as the Cheese Club also take place. Finally, a trip to the wine region is organized each year where exchanges with wine growers, tastings of their products and a visit to the region take place.


  • The Rare Vegetable Garden will introduce you to the diversity of vegetable plants through practice and information. The club cultivates rare or little grown fruits and vegetables in the ESA vegetable garden according to the Organic Agriculture rules. Everyone is welcome to the garden to relax, daydream, stroll, discuss and bring your own ideas !

Entertainment – Events

  • Ttrips to Capitals – Barcelona, Prague, London, Berlin, Rome… we all dream of visiting these European capitals. Once a year, the BDE organizes a trip to one of the great capitals of Europe.
  • Ski trip – Every year, the BDE organizes a week of skiing in the Alps for all ESA students.
  • Melting pots – Every Wednesday evening from 5:30 pm, it’s Melting pots! An opportunity to have a drink with other students in the school’s foyer and to share a relaxing moment in the middle of the week. A team of students is in charge of animating these small events with games and music.
  • Small Days – “Small Days” are group activities for one afternoon. The program includes go-karting, paintball, and water activities. An opportunity to relax and meet new people.
  • Rabelaisienne – One of the first evening events of the year and the only one that takes place in the school.  The program : buffets, various concerts in the lecture halls, a friendly foyer and many other surprises.
  • The ESA Gala – The main event of the academic year in the social calendar is the ESA Gala which usually takes place at the Château du Plessis Macé. This exceptional evening brings together all the ESA students as well as the school’s staff. A real opportunity to share a joyful moment between students and staff ! A prestigious meal, a dream setting, a dance floor and a wild rock contest is what makes this traditional evening special.
  • ESAChallenge organizes “INSOMNIAK” and “PARADISIAK” festive events for ESA students. With themes and disguises, these are the biggest parties of the year. The origin of the association goes back a few years with the organization of the Inter-Agri. Since then, the association plans to organize an event open to all in Angers and is looking for new motivated people to realize this project! Only one objective : have fun and animate the student life !
  • Fields and manure – The third year is a turning point in the life of an ESA student! It is the halfway point in the curriculum and at the end of the year, the Bachelor’s degree cycle ends and the Master’s degree cycle begins. To mark this important passage, the 3rd years prepare an artistic show every year.Dancers, musicians, comedians, singers… all the talents of the class unite to present a fantastic show. Video sketches recalling the highlights of the year are also presented. An unmissable evening: 3 hours of laughter, 3 hours of madness!

Commitment & solidarity

  • ESAlternatives is a club that initiates change, brings out new ideas. How ? Thinking about the future, acting together, differently.
    Created in 2014 by a group of friends with the common desire to combine their student life and their convictions. The soul of the ESAlternative is the determination and the desire to produce, consume and live differently.
    The goal is to allow students to open up to other points of view and questioning than those taught in the classic school setting. It is therefore an opportunity to confront convictions and to discover other ways of seeing the world. This takes place through conferences, gardening workshops in the school and downtown, debate evenings and a big annual event: La Petite Pierre. During the afternoon, debates and conferences take place, then the evening closes with a Disco-soup: concerts and a meal made with unsaleable products recovered on the markets.


  • ESAgricultures is a vector of socialization and awareness of the agricultural issues. Throughout the year, ESAgricultures offers visits to farms of all kinds.
    The final objective is to organize an annual farmers’ market to help you discover the wealth that agriculture can produce. Our citizen action aims to consolidate the generational link and to inform local residents about agriculture by organizing a farmers’ market. It is also an opportunity to introduce local products to the inhabitants of Angers. During the event, the club also organizes conferences, a meal, activities for everybody. This market activates the ESA network. Do you want to learn more about the different forms of agriculture or what Esa offers to study? ESAgricultures invites you to spend a pleasant moment to end the year on a high note.


  • The ESAbeilles is 7 beehives located in the Agrocampus orchard and managed by ESA and Agrocampus students.
    Bees play an important role in agriculture. Their freedom to forage still has a price… Their future is very uncertain because of the use of insecticides. Harvesting, hive maintenance, overwintering and monitoring are planned and many other activities. The ESAbeilles is open to both beginners and initiated people. On the program : outings to the hives on Thursday afternoons, initiations to hive maintenance, honey processing or even conferences on bees. Do not hesitate to join the swarm!
    If you are interested and curious, free beekeeping courses are given at the Rucher-école de l’Anjou two Saturdays a month.


  • The CGE is a national club that brings together all Christian students in France. It is of course open to all. In Angers, 7 schools are members: ESA, ENSAM, ESAIP, ESSCA, ESEO, INH and IRCOM. Once a month, a mass is organized within the school.
    At the end of January, a large gathering takes place. This is an opportunity to attend conferences, testimonies as well as times of prayer. Within ESA itself, the CGE offers monthly round tables, prayer times, sports meals, outings, etc.
    The inter-agri-agro weekend brings together students from agri-agro schools throughout France at AgroParisTech. It allows them to reflect as Christians and future leaders committed to society on the major issues of our time, focusing on agriculture, agribusiness or the environment. The program aims to help students develop their human, social, humanitarian and spiritual sense.

Junior enterprise

The Junior-initiative “OSER” (Ouest Service Etudes Recherche) has a potential of 250 engineering students to respond in the best way and with flexibility to the expectations of its customers. OSER works like a research department. It offers services to professionals in the agricultural world.

Develop personal skills (management, customer relations, accounting, public speaking, etc.) in various fields of expertise : agriculture, agri-food, viticulture and oenology, environment.

Why to join OSER ?

It’s an opportunity to work on studies for professionals and earn experience and money ! It is a unique experience but also an excellent way to enhance your CV while evolving in a pleasant environment. By becoming a member of OSER, you will be able to carry out technical, management and market studies, administer questionnaires and analyze the answers.

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