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Rémy Roulleau
Person in charge of internships and work placements

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An internship or work placement is a invaluable experience before complete immersion in the professional world. It is the occasion when the future career of the student takes shape and the employer selects their future employees.

Our internships and work placements last up to 8 months and range from getting to know the company to project management, through surveys and studies, research and innovation.

Do not hesitate to suggest dissertation subjects: 45% of our ESA engineering graduates are employed by the company in which they wrote their dissertations at the end of their studies.

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Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering

ESA trains engineers who are able to identify a problem, understand the issues and analyse them to find solutions. In addition to bringing their scientific and technical skills, ESA Engineers become team managers with an international spirit.

BTS graduates are knowledgeable, practically skilled individuals able to deal with issues in many areas and to work independently, as part of a team or assume the role of team leader. All BTS students must spend at least eight weeks in the same company. Their placement may be divided into two periods.