Supporting Business

ESA offers companies a wide range of solutions, from market research to the recruitment and training of international executives! Working with businesses is part of our central role as a University. Our expertise is supported by a business-focused team who will match your needs to our specialised academic team.

Develop your international business

Are you looking to expand your firm’s global situation? As an internationally established bench mark for training quality renowned school of engineers specialised in agriculture and agribusiness, ESA will bring global recognition to your brand.

  • Intercultural and human resource training in an international context:
    ESA weilds the skills and resources to train teams in intercultural issues, to prepare executives for working abroad and to maximise the success of people from abroad working in France. Take full advantage of our expertise in human resources in an international context (expatriation, international volunteer work programme (VIE), recruitment interviews and successful strategies when expanding abroad, etc.).
    ESA has firmly established connections with countries playing key roles in the agri-food trade of tomorrow, such as Brazil, China Russia, Ivory Coast and Ukraine.

Recruit international staff

For over 20 years ESA has recruited and trained executives from all over the world, a potention workforce for your international subsidiaries.

  • Perfectly bilingual in French
  • Bicultural
  • Familiar with your corporate culture
  • 100% ready to put their expertise to work for you in their country of origin.

Since the creation of I²FA in 2001, 183 apprentices, from 39 different countries, have obtained their diplomas with 34 French companies. Of those, over 70% are still working for the companies that financed their training.

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  • Our pool of international candidates with a secondary school diploma +3 to 5 years of third-level education:
    Thanks to our professional degrees (Bachelor in Agroecology and food systems, Plant Production, Innovation and transformation of local food products, International Trade and marketing of terroir wines, Master of science in engineering) we have created and maintained an important resource pool of international candidates from all over the world.

Define your needs

Each year, many companies draw on ESA’s international expertise and skills in analysing agricultural and agri-food markets.

  • ESA’s engineering students at your service:

    Your business can rely on the international marketing of student engineers in their final year.
    There are two periods in which your needs can be met:

    • September to December : Student-engineers carry out studies proposed by companies or international economics institutes
    • January to June : Our Engineer internship of 6 to 8 months allows companies to suggest a specific topic for the student’s final dissertation able to support the company in its commercial and strategic decisions.
  • Preliminary market study

    We can organise a small group of students, for a definitive period, to be supervised by our teaching team to work on:

    • Value, structure and dynamics of a market;
    • Study of a business or market sector;
    • Consumer profiles, etc.
    • Professional competitivity;
    • Product distribution methods;
    • Product, or service, image;
    • Promotion of a product or a service;


  • Strategic studies

We can organise a whole year of students, divided into several groups for a longer period (given a longer period of notice).
These studies can also result in one or more internships at the end of engineering studies on the basis of the initial results obtained.

  • Examples of projects carried out:
    • Analyses of wheat production have been carried out in more than 30 countries;
    • Egypt: the fruit and vegetable sector and its development at five years;
    • France/Germany: market opportunities in cold meats for Muslim consumers;
    • France/Great Britain: The fresh carrot market: what is new on the market, trends and opportunities? Which new products and innovation strategies?
    • What are the opportunities for powdered dairy ingredients in Europe in the cheese sector?
    • Czech Republic: study of the market for fodder and maize seeds;
    • Algeria: Rayeb and L’ben types of fermented milk on the market: Potential, recommendations for inputs and the implications for the company.



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