ESA Angers is committed to sustainable development

ESA Angers is committed to sustainable development and demonstrating solutions for sustainability, starting with our own campus and community. ESA aims to engage and empower staff, students, and the community to think, talk and act on issues of sustainability as the entire campus community plays a pivotal role in how the University progresses in becoming a more sustainable campus.


  • To promote the integration of environmentally friendly concepts into campus operations.
  • To motivate students and staff to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and culture on campus and practice environmental protection in their daily lives.

ESA participates in sustainable development activities:

  • Environmentally friendly management practices.

ESA has been awarded the ‘Eco Jardin‘ certification, a certification issued by French nature professionals attesting to the quality of ecological management of green spaces. ESA meets the certification’s requirements in terms of environmentally friendly management practices.  The ‘Eco Jardin‘ label aims to promote sustainable development and ecological practices in green spaces and encourage environmentally friendly management practices.

  • Cycling to school

ESA encourages a strong cycling culture with 75% of students riding to school. Cycling is a cheap and environmentally friendly way to travel to ESA. There is space for over 1000 bikes across the campuses.

The ‘transports alternatives‘ campaign was launched in 2016 by a local association.  The aim of the campaign was to encourage walking, cycling or taking the bus to reduce pollution.

  • Eco-friendly practices

ESA encourages all the students, faculty and other staff who work or live on campus to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives, especially concerning sorting trash bins and simple conservation habits for the office.

  • Student housing

ESA’s student residences are less than 10 minutes on foot, reducing transport related CO2 emissions, small particle air pollution, noise and accidental injuries.

  • Student clubs

ESA’s students organize activities and promote awareness for Sustainable Development.