BONDUAU Sébastien

Sociology, economy and management
+33 2 41 23 55 55

After studying commerce, business management and pedagogy, I have been working at ESA since 2021. My professional career has led me to acquire knowledge and know-how in commerce, agriculture, and project management, and also in methodology, strategy and the human sciences. Since 2021, I am a teacher and educational manager of an apprenticeship training program (BTS ACSE : Higher National Diploma in Analysis, Management and Agricultural Business Strategy). I teach agricultural business strategy, including the assessment of the sustainability of agricultural systems (economic, environmental and social), and of the agricultural and para-agricultural sectors. I participated in the publication of many technical articles and, specialized works as well as participated in many conferences and worked in different institutions of higher education specialized in agriculture. In 2022 and with nearly 20 years of experience in France, I was appointed head of an educational course dedicated to Organic Agriculture within ESA.