COUVREUR Sébastien

Animal husbandry
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He is head of the master programs at École Supérieure des Agricultures (Angers, France). Having a background in agronomy and animal science, he performed a PhD in butter quality affected by grazing and grass forages. He got his HDR (Accreditation to supervise research) in 2022. In his research, he studies the effects of the floral diversity of grasslands (plot and forage system scales) on the quality of milk and meat products, and on animal health and welfare. By involving farmers and their advisors, he conducts a transdisciplinary research that aims to co-design tools for managing forage systems that allow for the maintenance and development of grasslands in the service of the ecological transition of livestock farms. In this context, he questions the way in which precision livestock farming can contribute to this maintenance. He teaches at master’s level the management of forage systems and grasslands, and the quality of animal products.

ORCID Number: 0000-0002-8019-9042