Agronomy and ecology
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Since 2019, she has been teaching agronomy at the Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures (Angers, France), in BTEC Higher National Diploma and in Bachelor’s degrees.

She teaches on the topics of cropping systems, soil fertility, non-chemical weed management, technical routes of alfalfa, and more generally, on agroecology and changes in agricultural practices on farms.

She is also the coordinator of a project to create an online agronomy module.


Before 2019, she has co-conducted participatory projects on organic cropping systems without livestock These projects focused on issues encountered by organic farmers in northern France: non-chemical weed management (perennial weed management, in particular), organic fertilization and the sustainability of organic vegetable cropping systems. During these projects, she worked in partnership with agricultural advisors, groups of farmers and researchers.

A wide variety of methods were used to address these issues: field trials, design workshops with farmers, tracking on-farm innovations, design of a decision support tool, implementation of multi-criteria evaluation, etc.