photo de joséphine pithon

PITHON Joséphine

Agronomy and ecology
02 41 23 56 11

When landscapes are shaped by human activities, wildlife habitat is modified, removed or replaced. My research has examined the effects of reafforestation of farmland, wine-growing monocultures, ecological connectivity or urbanisation on wildlife. In particular I study the relationships between birds and their habitats as well as their roles within modified ecosystems. I collaborate to address socio-economic questions on the interactions between human activities and biodiversity conservation.

I teach fundamental ecology, applied and conservation ecology to students of Agriculture or Environment at BSc and MSc levels. I have considerable experience in the coordination of Masters courses in general environmental science, ecoagriculture and landscape ecology as well as in the supervision of Masters and PhD thesis students.

As an expert, I am involved in the development of tools for assessing biodiversity and advising farmers at farm level and in a local network of 100 farmers sharing ideas and expertise about biodiversity management.


ORCID : 0000-0002-2976-961X