Head of the Department
Culture, languages and communication
02 41 23 55 37

Lecturer in Spanish at ESA since 1993. She has a background in Spanish and Latin American studies and completed her PhD thesis (The toponymy of New Mexico: the Hispanic-Mexican heritage in the southeastern United States) in 2001.

She is currently in charge of the “Cultures, Languages and Communication” Department at ESA and is involved in teaching, pedagogical engineering and the development of cultural activities.

In response to the changing profile of learners and the need to properly prepare them to work in a globalized world, she led a language project with the language team that resulted in the opening of “L’Atelier des Langues” in November 2018, a learning center developing innovative teaching methods.

Member of UPLEGESS (Union of language teachers of the grandes écoles), APLESAV (Association of language teachers of agronomic and veterinary higher education), RANACLES (national gathering of language centers of higher education).

She is also a member of ESA’s International Relations Department : in charge of outgoing academic mobility and coordinator of international relations for South America and the Caribbean (signing of agreements, coordination of the network of academic partners, piloting of projects (Arfagri), development of double degrees.