The group of BTS ACSE (Analyse, Conduite & Stratégie de l’Entreprise Agricole) – Farm Management Undergraduate Course at ESA has completed one-month farm placement abroad.

Half of the students (20 out of 40 students) chosen Ireland for their destination. They experienced the Irish dairy farming system during the peak of calving season which occurs in February and March. It was a great time to experience a farm internship.

The presence of ESA’s students among host farmers has been greatly appreciated. The host farmers were very happy to welcome our students. This farm internship abroad is obligatory for the first-year student in Farm Management Undergraduate Course. ESA recommends an internship to last a minimum of four weeks.

Besides, The course Coordinator Samuel Clochard and the International Internship Coordinator Rémy Roulleau have been visiting about 20 different dairy farms in the west part of Ireland (Co Cork; Co Limerick; Co Tipperary and Co Kerry ) and enjoyed the friendly welcome of our host farmers.

Farm Management Undergraduate Course (BTS – ACSE (Analyse, Conduite & Stratégie de l’Entreprise Agricole)) is a two-year vocational bachelor’s degree that lead directly to the job market. This program aims to develop strategic management for agricultural business and assessing the operations of a Farm Business.