International agribusiness marketing

main objectives

Objectives: To develop skills to analyse consumer decision making in a variety of situations and be able to develop a simple decision model for a specific product/ brand/ situation to analyse food product markets and formulation of agribusiness marketing strategies. Learn how to analyse and understand the consumer behaviour in the food marketing system, with special reference to agricultural products, and to be able to analyse how the markets operate Learn how to design, implement and assess marketing strategies in a competitive economy using modern marketing tools and techniques Learn how to analyse the marketing of agricultural products by undertaking their own research through a precise diagnosis of the market

general content

Introduction to International Agribusiness Marketing
Analyzing agricultural and food markets
Environment of International Marketing
Consumer behavior in the international context
Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
Market research and consumer behavior
Marketing strategy tools and techniques
Direct marketing
Evaluation of the module and project presentations


2 exams: 1 mid-term exam 20% 1 final exam 20% In-class activity 20% - Assignments 20% Project presentation 20%


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