International Policies and Regulations

main objectives

A depth review of the international policy studies and regulations applied to agribusiness (food industry, agriculture) and rural development. It is designed to create a comparative view on the agricultural policies applied over time in different regions of the world. The emphasis is on the European Agricultural regulations viewed in comparison with the North American (United State of America and Canada) ones. The purpose of this topic is to help participants appreciate agricultural and rural development challenges in Europe and around the world and to deliver them the skills necessary to design, implement and analyse international regulations.
Objectives: Understand the importance of the main governmental regulations related to agribusiness and food production (EU and world trade organisation) Assess the role of food production in the overall national and international economic sector Anticipate the impact of the international food regulations on the agribusiness sector (on the entire food supply chain) Evaluate the effects of the current European Union food quality policy on the typical food production Appreciate the localised food production business opportunities in the context of agricultural policies regulations.


I. At least 3 case studies individually delivered and presented by each student (50% from the final grade): Deadline: end of week 12 II. 50% from the final grade a final exam.