Professional Practices on Field

main objectives

1. To know how agri-food products are produced
2. To identify the specificities of the production area and the product
3. To identify the interactions between products, terroir and local community
4. To meet and recognise the producers opportunities and problems
5. To observe the impact of the local productions on rural development
6. To observe agri-food markets/fairs of the region (depend on the dates)
7. To have a comparative analysis with the previous visits.
8. To learn molecular techniques for the characterization and identification of GI products
9. To learn methods and technologies to assess consumer acceptance of GI products

general content

The study trip will include:
Visit to production areas of agri-food products.
Meeting with producers and informal interviews
Seminars about agri-food products
Tasting and evaluation of agri-food products
Visit to agri-food markets and fairs
Workshops on laboratory methods to certify agri-food products
Workshops on methods to assess consumer acceptance of food products
Other relevant activities
Evaluation of the complete module


Report and oral presentations
Quality of the interactions with stakeholders