The Student Activities Offices are key players in life at ESA, playing an important role in the integration of students. They facilitate the exchanges, and promote friendship and mutual support between the various years. Bridging the different clubs and student societies of the school, they bring students together through entertainment and other events at ESA.

Whatever your programme of studies at ESA, you will always have someone to answer your questions and respond to your expectations. There are four different BDEs and they collaborate on numerous projects:

  • the engineering BDE, which is the project leader;
  • the BDE for bac (secondary school diploma) +3 and 4 year students;
  • the BDE for BTS (senior technical diploma) students in initial training; and
  • the BDE for BTS (senior technical diploma) students following a work study programme.

These BDEs contribute to the strengthening of the links between the different years, to student solidarity and reflect the “ESA spirit”. The Students Activities Offices and clubs and societies assist in ensuring that everyone can take part in the life of the school.

The BDEs have several committees:

  • Com’interne : It organises the Melting Potes every Wednesday evening, offers a line of ESA clothing, organises the “Petites journées” and looks after the ice cream/frozen yoghurt machine and the Estafette!
  • Com’com : it is responsible for communication and acts as the link with all the clubs and societies. It writes ESActu, a condensed weekly newspaper of all the events and looks after the website and the Facebook page of the BDEs.
  • Com’soirées : it organises the student evenings during the year and, in particular, the gala.
  • Com’JPO : eit organises the student groups participating in fairs and fora to promote the school. It organises the school’s open days.
  • Com’voyage : Want to go on a trip somewhere? Com’ Voyage is there for that. Now even more active, with new dates to allow the maximum number of people to participate in the trips.
  • Com’développement durable : it organises the “DDjeuners” at ESA, once a month at Friday lunchtime. Bringing staff and students together, it offers them the chance to discuss Sustainable Development and foresee a bright future for our planet.
  • Com’BREI : : For ever more links with the other schools by breathing new life into joint events, such as sports tournaments, evening events, the telethon, the rock festival or training weekends for all.
  • Com’entreprises : It reaches out to its network in order to find a sponsor for a given year, organises conferences with ESA partners and organises company visits to help you choose among the majors offered at ESA.

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