The objective of the International Relations Service is to develop and coordinate the international relations and activities of ESA. This involves providing support and feedback to the school management on international issues and developing international agreements for the school. The main tasks developed by the International Relations Service are:

  • To increase the internationalisation of ESA.
  • To promote participation of the school community in exchange programmes, and facilitate integration of foreign students.
  • To coordinate immersion courses in French language and culture to foreign students.
  • To promote participation of ESA in international networks and institutions.
  • To oversee cooperation and development projects at ESA
  • Manage calls for grants and financial support


Meet the Team


Anne-Dominique BICHE
Office 2928

+33 2 41 23 56 13

Assistant to Adrian COSTERA PASTOR
Assistant for recruitment of international students
Administrative assistant of I²FA

Typhaine POIROUX
Office 2925

+33 2 41 23 55 02

Assistant for outgoing mobility students
Scholarships manager
Administrative assistant of the Department of Cultures, Languages and Communication

Alejandra CARRIL
Office 2927

+33 2 41 23 55 08

Welcoming of international students
Assistant for incoming international students
Assistant in charge of the Summer Program
Assistant in charge of international communication

Off every Wednesday

Departmental heads

Office 2921

+33 2 41 23 56 54

In charge of the Erasmus+ program for the France Agro3 consortium
Spain area manager for ESA

Off every Wednesday

Office 2947

+33 2 41 23 56 25

Manager I²FA program
Lecturer in Intercultural Management
Area manager for Central and Northern European Countries

Office 2915

+33 2 41 23 56 28

Lecturer in English
Area manager for the UK, Ireland, the Balkans, Slovenia and Slovakia

Office 2947

+33 2 41 23 55 63

International students recruitment manager (degree seekers and exchange students)
Area manager for Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China and Brazil


Office 2937

+33 2 41 23 55 37

Lecturer in Spanish
Responsible for the department of Cultures, Languages and Communication
Area manager for the Spanish-speaking Americas (except Mexico)


Office 2942

+33 2 41 23 55 87

Dual degree and Summer Program Coordinator
Wine Economics Teacher
Area manager of North America (United States, and Canada), Mexico, Italy and Portugal for France Agro3


Office 2919

+33 2 41 23 56 02

International internships supervisor
Lecturer in Management and Strategy
Area manager of the Netherlands