With high exam pass rates in all our programmes, our study programmes enable our graduates to enter jobs as diverse as producer, engineer, technician, salesperson, researcher, contractor, consultant, advisor, department manager, expert, etc.

In sectors as varied as agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, oenology, agri-food, land management and planning, environment, research and development, banking, business, distribution, marketing, education and training, management, counselling, etc.
The wealth of skills acquired (technical, scientific, managerial, etc.), the complementarity of the educational systems (interventions by professionals, practical work, tutored work, etc.) and the field experience (internships and work placements in France or abroad, etc.) give our graduates:

  • access to a variety of positions; and
  • the potential versatility to improve their career prospects.

ESA supports its students in their professional projects

professional projects. The best way to facilitate entry into the professional world is the multiply contacts with the professional environment. This allows students to rely on concrete experiences when it comes to determining the way in which they want their career to develop. For that, a number of things are undertaken:

– Work in collaboration with companies: the students conduct many “real case” studies in response to requests from professional sponsors. These take the form of technical studies, market studies, sectoral studies, etc.

– Acquiring information about the various professions and trades, and companies:

  • Testimonials of the professionals who intervene during the different courses and share their experiences, present their professions, etc.
  • The “internship and work placement, work-study and 1st employment forum”: a day during which the businesses that attend have direct contact with the students, reply to their questions, gather CVs for internships/work placements or jobs, etc.
  • “Professions Day”: ESA-trained engineers and Agricadre graduates present the jobs they have and the structures within which the work.
    – Modules for preparing for looking for a job
    – Exercises in writing a CV and job interviews with senior executives or individuals who have recently retired from companies.

The Alumni associations

The Association of ESA Engineers and the Ingénia Association (which groups together the associations of the graduates of the FESIA school network) offer their services in assisting in finding employment, processing the offers and disseminating them to applicants. The Association of ESA Engineers (AI ESA) assists in advance in preparing students for professional life.
The Actagesa Association is for graduates of Bac+2, 3 and 4 study programmes.

Learning through doing

Created by professionals of the rural world of the Great West, ESA has always been close to the professional world and its needs.

  • Our study programmes are directly related to the professional world. The success of ESA graduates in entering the professional world is proof of this professionalisation. Our lecturers are in regular contact with the professional community in the framework of:
    • the case studies that they carry out in response to orders;
    • meetings with professionals during visits to companies to follow up the progress of interns or students on work placements
    • research; and
    • the interventions by numerous professionals in the study programmes.

This regular involvement in the economic fabric of our sectors enables us to anticipate developments in the profession and to adapt the study programmes accordingly. We seek the assistance of professionals when reorganising or creating study. They participate in the reflection and help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and the needs in terms of skills to be developed.