ESA is today one of the leading international players in European agronomical education:

  • Sending all its students abroad
  • Welcoming international students and lecturers
  • Development of multinational study programmes
  • Conducting international research projects
  • Supporting the development abroad of companies
  • Development of partnerships with nearly 150 universities in over 40 countries

Testimony of a student on an international internship

Our international strategy

ESA’s international strategy is based on three strong pillars:

Training young people to be open and aware of intercultural issues

ESA’s goal and mission in its various study programmes is to train every student, including its international students, to be open to the outside world. The training of students in international issues can be done by sending them abroad or by remaining in the institution but in contact with the international community there.

The presence of 250 international students every year on our campus encourages the process of internationalisation “at home”.

Supporting business abroad

Training young people for the French agriculture and agri-food sectors in international issues, preparing their entry into the professional world and increasing their employment opportunities.
ESA was set up 120 years ago to train business executives from the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors. The school continues this mission by training international executives, whether French or not, to operate within the modern global business environment.

Aiding, promoting and encouraging employees’ international experiences

ESA has a strong network of partners of nearly 150 establishments, including several leading universities. This network is at the service of ESA’s international development programme.