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Exchange students

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Exchange students

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120 international students study at ESA each year. They stay from 6 to 9 months.

Any question ? Contact Mrs Sylvie Guégan-Bañuelos, Incoming mobility Coordinator

Registration procedure :
Deadlines for application :
- May 5th for Semester 1 or the full year
- October 17th for Semester 2.

List of documents :
- The Learning Agreement, your programme of study can be approved by both your home university and ESA in Angers. You can leave your home university only when you have had this approval.
- The official transcripts of records (in French or English) of the last 2 years
- A CV (please, use the Europass CV template. Download here)
- A language certificate of French or a cover letter from your French teacher (B1 required)
- A birth certificate
- One passport-sized photograph

Courses French as a Foreign Langage :
-Ask for the French as a Foreign Language Programme.

Examinations :
Each module is validated by written and oral exams.
To obtain the corresponding ECTS credits, you must pass these examinations. Please specify before each examination that you must obtain ECTS credits.

Academic recognition by your institution of origin :
If you are a EU national and your stay is organized within the Erasmus + programme, the classes you will be attending will allow you to obtain ECTS credits: 30 credits for a full-time semester. Your institution of origin will guarantee full academic recognition of your stay.

If your home university is not within the EU, but has signed a bilateral agreement with ESA, the academic recognition of your stay depends on the terms of this agreement. Please seek information from the International office of your university of origin.

Academic Calendar
Intensive session of French as a Foreign Language (obligatory) :

  • Fall Semester : The 2 first weeks of September
  • Spring Semester : 1 week in mid-January


3rd year of Bachelor

1st year of Master

2nd year of Master

Fall semester

End of October
End of October Mid-January

End of January

End of December

Spring semester


Beginning of February

Only for DA METVIN courses
Beginning of April

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