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Associate Professor
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Soazig DI BIANCO is an associate professor in sociology with a background in agronomy. Her work focuses on the role of intermediaries in agricultural transitions. She questions the way in which they support farmers, examining the link between their conceptions of their profession and the conceptions of the profession of the farmers themselves. She also examines their uses of digital technologies, and how they are changing in the interaction with farmers. She is a member of the RMT NAEXUS (Agricultural Numerical for Education, Experimentation and Uses) in which she works on DSTs, drones and milking robots in agriculture. She defended a CIFRE thesis, in 2021, which focused on the reorganization of the technical sales profession in an agricultural cooperative, under the supervision of Pr. Claude Compagnone and Ass. Pr. Bertille Thareau.


ORCID : 0000-00 01-8261-3748