Concepts of local and traditional food products

main objectives

Introduction to the global concepts of the master: Origin products, Geographical Indications, Food and Agriculture policies & global market anthropology, sociology, cultural aspects of local food products, legal tools for producers in a context of rural development  Be able to understand the general concepts and the economic value of agri-food products.  Be able to understand how the factors such as soil, climate, cultural practices, technologic know-how, socio-economic conditions, are involved in the construction of the specificity of an agri-food product.  Understand the context and the main stakes for producers and enterprises about traditional and local food products.  Understand the main contribution that traditional, regional, typical food products can bring to the development of their territory. Describe some situations where the typical food products can be relevant for the strategic development of territory and enterprises, through organised visits of different structures (SMEs, farms, food processing plants, cooperatives, suppliers)

general content

Concepts of origin, quality, typicity, terroir and more. International stakes on agriculture, global context about food trade and agreements. Ecological Processes - foundational ecological instruction Agriculture is human agency/ Agriculture: the consilience of ecology and culture The development of traditional food products and its markets in Africa Interest and perception of consumers for terroir and products of origin in Europe Identification of Origin products in France and Europe. Introduction to national policies of quality differentiation concepts of economics and marketing of traditional, local food products and territory-based economy European institutions and international bodies Comparison of US/EU agriculture Economic bases of business management. Serious game “M.I.M.E.: Méthode d’Initiation au Métier d’Entrepreneur” (Introduction method to “profession of entrepreneur”). Each student studies the situation of an origin product of his home country he chooses himself (general figures about production and consumption, legal situation, strategic and economic aspects) Presentation of a PDO beef meat: the case of Maine Anjou Presentation of a PGI salt: the case of Sel de Guérande Presentation of the week in Alpine French region Presentation and visit of Halls of Lyon, exchange with producters Study trip, synthesis of the visits: visit of producers and retailers in different famous places about traditional food products: Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Bresse, Dombes,.Ardèche . Presentation of the stakes linked with development and highlighting of products of terroir in Europe. Marketing strategies for producers. Trend of consumption for quality and origin products in France How the retailers define and add value to regional food products. Trends and innovative systems Microbiological agents of the origin food products The cultural/sociologist aspect of localised products Group work on sales and marketing strategies for producers and distributors concerning local products.


Lectures, Group work, Manufacturing in a technological hall, practical works


Homework: group report of visits, individual work on documents, oral presentations Final Exams: 3 or more individual exams in class.