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Environment, Landscaping & Horticulture

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Your requirements:

- perform an environmental assessment, life cycle analysis or carbon footprint
- improve your products and services using an eco-design approach
- reduce your production of non-recyclable waste, improve your energy efficiency
- build your environmental strategy
- develop innovative and environmentally friendly landscaping
- recruit or train your employees on environmental issues

Our areas of expertise:

- Environment: Waste and effluent management, Water Quality, Energy, Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Impact Studies, Carbon Footprint
- Landscaping: Landscape design, Site management, Selection of ornamental plants, Landscape analysis, Computer graphics
- Horticulture and vegetable gardening: Crop support, Use of plants and farm supplies, plant climate protection, Pesticides, Plant Nutrition


Our solutions:

• Study programs
- Specialized Master "Juturna" : environmental assessment and project management
- ESA Engineer: major in "Land and Environment" (4th and 5th years)
- Master International Vintage "Vine, wine and terroir management" (Erasmus Mundus)
- Professional License in "Landscape Planning"
- BTS in "Horticultural Production", "Nature Management and Conservation" and "Landscaping" 

• Experts
- A multidisciplinary team of some twenty researchers, teachers and engineers
- An accredited Research and Development Unit: the LEVA (Laboratory of Plant Ecophysiology and Agroecology) and a center for environmental studies


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